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LINCOLNTON – The proposed development of Bella Vista, a subdivision with up to 225 single-family detached homes proposed to be built on the west side of Little Egypt Road, is one step closer to approval.

At a joint meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners and Planning Board Monday, Nov. 5, the planning board voted 6-1 to recommend approval of the request by Provident Land Services Inc. to rezone 123 acres of land for the development.

The timing of the development is dependent upon availability of sewer; however, it is anticipated that development of phase one, which has approximately 75 lots, will begin in approximately a year, Tom Waters of Provident said. Once development begins, approximately 35-45 homes per year will be built and occupied within the community.

This development would be connected to the planned Creek Park residential development to the north with the primary access being on Little Egypt Road. As part of the development, Provident would be required to make traffic improvements to the intersection of Optimist Club Road and North Little Egypt Road before any homes are built, Lincoln County Zoning Administrator Randy Hawkins said.

In addition, prior to development of phase two of the subdivision, Provident would provide an additional $100,000 to Lincoln County for other traffic improvements in the area, with no single improvements specified. The Lincoln County commissioners would have to approve where that money was spent.

The planned builder of the development is Taylor Morrison Home Corp., which entered the Charlotte market with the purchase of Orleans Homes in 2015. Commissioners chair Bill Beam questioned whether the company, which is based out of Scottsdale, Ariz., would be using local suppliers. Alan Kurley, who spoke on behalf of Taylor Morrison, assured that they would.

Blum request recommended

The planning board voted unanimously to recommend approval of a request by Blum Inc. to rezone 68 acres of property located at 7733 Old Plank Road to permit expansion of its manufacturing, warehousing and office facilities as well as to allow a building height in excess of 60 feet but not more than 100 feet for a high-bay warehouse.

“The site plan has been submitted as part of the application,” Hawkins said. “The proposed high bay warehouse is the main reason for the rezoning request. In the current general industrial zoning district, the maximum building height is 60 feet.”

Beam questioned why Blum needed to build a high bay warehouse.

“The reason for the expansion is we’re going to be supporting future business with Ikea that we’ll do some distribution activity for, so you have the option of using traditional warehousing, which would mean a 30-foot height, and you can imagine what the size or the footprint of a building like that would be,” Michael Geis said. “Blum has always been based on the European technology of going up in the air to basically maintain the footprint in a very efficient distribution operation. The warehouse will have approximately 13,000 pallet locations stored in it.”

In other business:

Other matters heard included a request from Marvin and Jennie Simmons to allow for a conditional-use permit to allow a 380-foot existing structure in front of the front building line of a house that is under construction located at 8353 Lucky Point Road. The Simmons plan to use the building, which was formerly used as a cottage and was at one time the principle structure on the property as a bonus room. The planning board voted unanimously to recommend approval with the condition that the exterior of the structure closely matches the exterior of the house.

Tracy Godfrey requested a conditional-use permit to allow a guest house as an accessory use to a single-family dwelling on property located at 4242 John Ritchie Road in Iron Station. This guest house would be used to house Godfrey’s father. The planning board voted unanimously to recommend approval.

The board of commissioners will meet on Nov. 19 and could decide on these rezoning and other matters.


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