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Lincoln County Schools Chief of Operations Eric Eaker presents maps showing potential attendance line changes to address the growth on the eastern end of the county. 

As it has for the past several committee meetings, Lincoln County Schools administrative staff brought forth potential solutions to the anticipated growth on the eastern side of the county.


Data presented at the Tuesday, March 12, committee meeting focused mainly on growth in elementary schools. Options presented at the meeting included adding mobile classrooms, expanding existing schools, road network line and east end district line changes.

According to the report prepared by Associate Superintendent Aaron Allen, elementary schools on the eastern side of the county that have the capacity for additional mobile classrooms are Catawba Springs, Iron Station, Pumpkin Center Intermediate and Pumpkin Center Primary. Iron Station, Pumpkin Center Intermediate and Pumpkin Center Primary have room for expansion.

“As we look at numbers, lines and capacity, this is something we can keep in the back of our minds,” Allen said. “For example, Iron Station can hold four mobile classrooms but that’s the max. We’re already looking at moving at least two to that school next year.”

Some of the board members, such as Joan Avery, are not happy with utilizing mobile classrooms due to safety issues. Board member Tony Jenkins expressed a similar concern at the last committee meeting.

Lincoln County Schools Chief of Operations Eric Eaker presented two different maps showing potential line changes to address the growth. Eaker explained that the line changes represented only small tweaks in the elementary boundaries that would potentially align direct feeder patterns. He said the ultimate goal would be to clean up feeder lines in current neighborhoods along with creating capacity and growth within the eastern and northern elementary schools.

Except for moving the two mobile classrooms to Iron Station Elementary, all of the discussion by the board and administrative staff is preliminary in nature. What growth will ultimately occur on the eastern side of the county is still unknown as is the impact of any new charter schools opening in Lincoln County. Allen cautioned that the K-3 class size mandate is also causing capacity issues with some elementary schools, and if the projected growth does occur, expansion options may be even more limited.

Eagle Scout

East Lincoln Middle School student Tyler Avery, a member of Boy Scout Troop 82, demonstrates a method to stop life-threatening bleeding with Lincoln County school board member Heather Rhyne. 

Eagle Scout project

East Lincoln Middle School student Tyler Avery, a member of Boy Scout Troop 82, made a presentation to the board about his Eagle Scout Project. He proposes to provide education to Lincoln County Schools student resource officers, teachers, staff and students on how to stop life threatening bleeding. He is also planning to raise funds to provide bleeding control kits to all Lincoln County Schools.

Other business

Much of the regular board meeting, which was held after the committee meeting, focused on awards and recognitions.

IGNITE awards were given to the North Lincoln High School Marching Band and the West Lincoln High School junior varsity women’s volleyball team. The IGNITE Award is an academic recognition program that honors athletic and performing arts programs that are scholastic achievers within Lincoln County Schools.

The second nine weeks Innovator Awards were presented to Greg Franklin, a staff member at East Lincoln High School, Carla May, a staff member at Asbury Academy, Cyndi Moore, a staff member at Pumpkin Center Intermediate School, and to Laurie Palmiere, a community member associated with West Lincoln Middle School.

Indoor track and field athletes were recognized for their achievements as were regional and state championship wrestlers.

Members of the West Lincoln High School Battle of the Books team were recognized for being the 2018-2019 district winners.


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