St. Peter by-the-Lake Episcopal rev

The sanctuary at St. Peter by-the-Lake Episcopal Church is being expanded and is scheduled to be complete early next year.

DENVER – St. Peter by-the-Lake Episcopal Church announced a $1.3 million project earlier this year, which includes the expansion of its chapel and classroom space. St. Peter by-the-Lake, which was built in 1973, events and services continue to serve the Denver community despite the large-scale project, the Rev. Ron Taylor said.

Denver Citizen: Tell us about some of the services your church offers.

Ron Taylor: We offer two services, an 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., on Sunday mornings.  Both are traditional services based on the liturgies of the ancient Church, with a mixture of musical styles, relevant preaching and Holy Communion.

DC: In addition to those services, what are some other weekly events St. Peter by-the-Lake hosts?

RT: We offer several Bible study groups, including Education for Ministry; Kerygma, which is Greek for “proclamation;” and Supper and the Word. We also host Alcoholics Anonymous, Girl Scouts, Denver Bridge and the Westport Community Association.

DC: Any special events coming up you’d like the community to know about?

RT: On Sunday, Sept. 9, we will be hosting our annual Welcome Back Sunday event.  This is a resumption of church school and programs. We are also in the midst of expanding our sanctuary and classroom space.  This project begin in February 2018 and will be completed in February 2019. It's a $1.3 million dollar expansion project.

DC: Tell us about one or a couple of memories involving your church that stick out to you.

RT: One memory that sticks out most to me would be our six mission trips we took to Gulfport, Miss., following Hurricane Katrina, to help rebuild homes and our sister parish there – St. Peter by the Sea.  Another great memory, and event I look forward to each year, is our annual 12th Night Festival. This event always takes place on Epiphany (Jan. 6) and includes comedy, song, dance and dinner. It is a wonderful way to end the Christmas season each year.

DC: Speaking of mission trips, what kind of volunteer work are your members passionate about?

RT: Many of our parishioners are very involved in the weekly workings of East Lincoln Christian Ministries. From working in the store to delivering food, you can find them helping in all places. We also support and work with the Corner Table in Newton and the Hesed House of Hope in Lincolnton. For the past several years, we have also be very active in providing food backpacks for students at the local school.

DC: Anything else you’d like the community to know?

RT: The Episcopal Church of St. Peter by-the-Lake is a liturgically centered, open, inclusive community of faith, and we welcome anyone to visit us on Sunday mornings. Our membership comes from a diversity of backgrounds, and we believe strongly that all are welcome at God's table. As the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Most Reverend Michael Curry says, “Love is the answer.”


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