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H&A Investors is seeking preliminary plat/sketch plan approval to build a commercial subdivision on this property on N.C. 16 Business near Webbs Road. 

LINCOLNTON – The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners will consider several zoning cases discussed at length during a Monday, Feb. 4, joint meeting with the county planning board.

Commercial subdivision

The first case to be discussed involved a request from H&A Investors LLC for preliminary plat/sketch plan approval for a commercial subdivision with five lots and new roads. The 10.9-acre parcel is on the west side of N.C. 16 Business at its intersection with Webbs Road, across the street from CVS.

The five proposed commercial lots would be accessed primarily by new roads to be built as part of the development, which would create a four-way intersection where N.C. 16 Business and Webbs Road connect, an intersection that already features a traffic signal.

Despite the roads being built to serve the development, the developer is still seeking two right-in, right-out driveways on N.C. 16 Business, which they say would alleviate traffic build up at the signalized intersection. If the right-in, right-out driveways are authorized by the N.C. Department of Transportation, the developer would be required to build an elevated, concrete median on N.C. 16 Business to prevent left turns into or out of the development at those access points.


A separate request brought before the board by C4 CStore Holdings LLC sought permission to construct a 7-Eleven with an automatic car wash on the corner lot of the H&A Investors development.

In a quasi-judicial zoning case such as this, the burden of proof falls on the applicant to show that the proposed use will not endanger the public health or safety, which is an aspect that was questioned by the commissioners considering the large gas tank that would need to be placed underground.

Commissioner Rich Permenter expressed concern about possible leakage from the underground storage tank, but 7-Eleven real estate representative Jason Ernst assured him that the fiberglass, double-walled tank is designed to prevent leakage, and is monitored at all times in the event that a leak does occur. Ernst said that, in the event of a leak, there are safety switches to halt the flow of gasoline, and that 7-Eleven keeps a solvent on-hand to soak up the fuel before partnering with an environmental company to treat and secure the site.

The Lincoln County planning board voted unanimously to recommend approval of both requests.


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