The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to execute a contract not to exceed $190,000 with Kimley Horn for the completion of an Eastern Lincoln County Corridor Mobility Study. 

LINCOLNTON – The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners hired a planning, engineering and design firm May 6 to complete an Eastern Lincoln County Corridor Mobility Study.

Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a $190,000 contract with Raleigh-based Kimley Horn to examine the road system in eastern Lincoln County.

“With the approval of this contract this evening, Kimley Horn will be moving forward very quickly so that it can collect traffic counts prior to the charter school and public school system releasing for the summer so that we get numbers that show the effects the schools have on the roads,” Lincoln County Planning and Inspections Director Andrew Bryant said.

The study, which was authorized by commissioners in December, will examine the area bounded by N.C. 16 Business, North Little Egypt Road, St. James Church Road and N.C. 73 in Denver. The consultant will work with the county to develop a series of transportation design alternatives that will focus primarily on the most-congested intersections in the study area. Kimley Horn’s work is expected to take nine months to complete.

Commissioners are hoping the study will help bolster Lincoln County projects in the N.C. Department of Transportation ranking process that determines which work gets funded when.

“The ultimate accomplishment that should come out of this study is preparing the county with good information and data as we develop projects to submit to NCDOT,” Bryant said. “I can say that I’ve seen similar studies yield very direct and quick results because the work had already been done developing the project and looking at potential alternatives.”

He added that already-prioritized projects may have a better chance of being funded sooner.

A series of community involvement meetings regarding the study will be scheduled in the coming months, with the first tentatively planned for the end of May.


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