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Long-range models forecast Lincoln Charter's Lincolnton campus to reach capacity within five years. 

Expansion is on the horizon for the Lincolnton campus of Lincoln Charter School.

Several elements of a proposed expansion such as securing additional land, developing building plans, permitting, evaluating traffic impact and securing financing are still not finalized.

“All of these items are in varying stages of completion,” Lincoln Charter Schools chief administrator Jonathan Bryant said. “For example, a few months ago, we bought a little over 6 acres that adjoins the campus. Also, the loan documentation is in underwriting. Once that is approved, it goes out to bid. ”

Last August, the school bought 18 acres of property approximately a half-mile from the school, on Blossom Hill Road.

After evaluation of financing options, Lincoln Charter’s finance department and board have elected to pursue a loan through the USDA Community Facilities Programs, according to Bryant.

Long-range models forecast the Lincolnton campus growing by approximately 50 students over the next five years, Bryant said, and at this point the campus will reach capacity.

The Denver campus has been at capacity for several years. Total student population, when at capacity, will be approximately 1,200 students at each campus.

Given the Lincolnton campus’ growth will occur in the eighth grade for 2019-2020 and add a grade each year, the initial phases of the expansion will focus on the middle and high school facilities.

“Phase 1 of the proposed expansion includes the current structure that houses all middle and high school students,” Bryant said. “Phase 2 is an additional classroom wing that will adjoin the existing building, stretching out toward the existing high school student parking lot. The other immediate need is to construct a permanent home for the K-5 students who are currently in mobile classrooms.”

An architect employed by the school is working on plans and is also considering the final campus plan for when all students are in permanent buildings.

When final financing and building plans have been completed, the school will host an information session to share additional information with the community.

For information, contact Bryant at or the Lincoln Charter School Board at


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