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LINCOLNTON – Lincoln County commissioners approved four industrial incentive grants at their Nov. 19 meeting. According to a post on the Lincoln Economic Development Association website, the grants will bring nearly $51 million in industrial growth to the county and produce 76 new jobs over the next several years.

The grants will be paid as reimbursements to the industries to which they were granted after they have paid their county taxes. The money for the grants will come from the additional taxes on added property values created by the industries as they complete expansions. The grants approved were for:

• Calico Coatings, 5883 Balsom Ridge Road, Denver. The company began as a supplier to NASCAR teams of coatings for parts used in race cars. Calico will spend $1.3 million to expand its operations and producing at least eight new jobs.

• FMS Enterprises, Kawai Road, Lincolnton. The non-woven fabrics manufacturer will spend $2.5 million on its expansion, producing 20 new jobs.

• Aptar Inc., 3300 Finger Mill Road, Lincolnton. Aptar, a market leader in dispensers for the packaging industry, will invest $36 million to expand its operation, adding 40 new jobs.

• Cataler North America, 2002 Cataler Drive, Lincolnton. Cataler manufactures automotive catalysts among other products. The company will spend almost $11.4 million to expand its operation, resulting in eight new jobs.


Blum part of slides study

Blum Inc. was named a top manufacturer in a market research study for global slides consumption.

Fior Markets recently published the detailed study titled, “2018-2023 Global Drawer Slides Consumption Market Report,” which focused on the current scenario of the market.

Blum manufactures drawer runners at its plant in Lowesville.

The industry report lists the leading competitors and provides the strategic industry analysis of the key factors influencing the market, according to a Midwest Expositor article.

The report speaks about the growth rate of the market, sales, revenue and price analysis of top manufacturers, distributors, traders and dealers of the market. It can be accessed via


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