First in Fright

The First in Fright Paranormal team stands in front of the Lincolnton Fire Department prior to their Saturday, Jan. 12, investigation. 

LINCOLNTON – First in Fright Paranormal, a group of five Hickory-based skeptics who decided to join forces to explore the authenticity of alleged paranormal activity, returned to Lincolnton Saturday, Jan. 12, to investigate City Hall and the Lincolnton Fire Department.

First in Fright has become a mainstay in downtown Lincolnton, investigating both the Lincoln Cultural Center and Lincoln County Courthouse in 2018. Aside from the courthouse, the Lincolnton Fire Department has produced more stories of potential paranormal activity than any other location in Lincoln County, according to First in Fright investigator Ryan Burleson.

Burleson and the First in Fright team spoke with numerous Lincolnton firefighters in the days and weeks leading up to their investigation. According to Burleson, the first responders shared stories of a cold white mist that lingers in the hallway of the fire station late at night, the sensation of paralysis upon waking from a slumber and a shared experience of multiple firefighters who all claim to have seen a figure walk past the doorway while relaxing in the station’s living quarters.

First in Fright entered the Lincolnton Fire Department in search of a woman known as Nell, who supposedly lived on the property long before the fire station was built. While the investigators still have hours upon hours of video footage and audio recordings to sift through, the team left the Lincolnton Fire Department feeling as though they may have been searching for the wrong person.

“We left on Saturday thinking that we may have been trying to contact the wrong person,” Burleson said. “On one of our spirit boxes, there was a particular name that came through several times. This name matches that of a former volunteer firefighter who has since died and is remembered through a plaque on the wall in the fire station. That left us thinking that maybe some of the stories associated with Nell could actually be this gentleman who continues to live his everyday life as a fireman, but as a spirit. We’re hoping that something will come out of our evidence to help prove our thinking.”


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