Shanklin Library

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners authorized the replacement of the Florence S. Shanklin Library roof, a project estimated at $152,800. 

LINCOLNTON – In a meeting dominated by a vote on the tax rate, the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners authorized Purchasing Agent John Henry to proceed with a project to replace the roof of the Florence S. Shanklin Library in Denver.

“What’s happening is, leaves are getting into the eaves around (the) dormers and backing the water up,” Henry explained. “That water’s running under the flashing and it’s leaking into the library.”

The only solution is to replace the roof and remove the dormers, according to REI Engineers. REI estimates a $152,800 bill for the project, which is expected to take two months to complete.

When asked why the dormers weren’t better maintained to prevent the backup of leaves, Henry explained that the sloped, metal roof is too slick to navigate, and there are no anchor points to which to tie a harness.

Commissioner Anita McCall noted that the company hired to build the library went out of business soon after its completion.

REI’s proposed scope of work includes a new metal roof system with gutters over the main entrance, continuous exhaust ventilation under the clerestory windows atop the roof and engineered snow rails over the main entrance.

No bids for property

In other county business, Henry informed the board that no bids were received for the sale of three acres on the corner of Sigmon Road and North Generals Boulevard, where the Lincoln County Health Department building once stood.

In March, commissioners moved to sell the property through a 45-day sealed bid process, with a minimum offer of $1 million, which is approximately the assessed value of the land.

In light of the absence of bids, the board voted unanimously to once again accept sealed bids, only this time the process will remain open for 60 days and the minimum bid will be set at $500,000. The commissioners settled on the $500,000 minimum with assurance that the county is not required to accept any bid.

New kennels for shelter

The board also authorized the $86,737 purchase of new kennels for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

Last year, when the county was considering renovating the shelter, the N.C. Department of Agriculture found that the kennels did not meet state standards.

“The kennels that are in there now are corrugated plastic and the dogs chewed holes in them, so they probably shouldn’t have been installed to begin with,” Henry explained.

They will be replaced with stainless steel kennels “that can’t be chewed through and won’t rust,” he added.


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