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LINCOLNTON – The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners convened for the first time in 2019 Monday, Jan. 7, for a joint meeting with the Lincoln County Planning Board.

State of emergency

The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to lift the state-of-emergency declaration issued in November to address the sinkhole on Hickory Creek Drive in Denver. While the county is limited in its ability to help repair the sinkhole, the declaration permitted county assistance in making sure that emergency vehicles could access the 30-plus homes being blocked by the sinkhole.

Zoning cases

The commissioners and the planning board opened the meeting by presiding over a pair of zoning hearings.

The first, a request for a conditional-use permit, would allow the applicant to construct a detached garage that would extend past the building line of a house on a lot adjacent to Lake Norman, if approved. The property, which is vacant, is slightly less than an acre, and is located on McConnell Road near Webbs Chapel United Methodist Church.

The Lincoln County Unified Development Ordinance states that an accessory structure cannot extend past the front line of its principal structure unless set back a minimum of 100 feet from the edge of the road right-of-way. However, in the case of property adjacent to Lake Norman, the Board of Commissioners may approve a conditional-use permit that reduces that minimum setback to 30 feet.

In this case, the applicant is proposing to build a three-car garage that would be connected to the house by a breezeway. The applicant is planning to construct a three-bedroom home with an in-ground pool on the property.

The second zoning hearing on the docket involved a request to rezone 4.8 acres on the west side of Daniels Road near Zeb Johnson Trail from residential single-family to transitional residential. If approved, the applicant has plans to place a mobile home on the property.

Several commissioners and planning board members expressed concern about the possibility of the property becoming a mobile home park. The applicant, however, informed both boards that the land is only suited for a standalone mobile home fronting Daniels Road since the majority of the property is swampland with steep elevation.

The Board of Commissioners will cast the deciding vote on each case during its regular monthly meeting Jan. 28.

Performance guarantee refund

Following the two public hearings, the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously for a partial release of performance guarantee funds for the Sifford subdivision.

In June 2018, the Board of Commissioners entered into an agreement in which the developer of Sifford provided a cash bond of $17,250 to guarantee the construction of 1,600 linear feet of sidewalk within the subdivision. After installing approximately 712 linear feet of the sidewalk, the developer requested that the proportional share of the performance guarantee – $7,680.70 – be released.


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