Perfect, beautiful and happy. Those are the three words Scott Rubinoff used to describe Sept. 8 – the day he married Laura Shuey (now Rubinoff).

Laura, who has two children, said she and Scott met as neighbors several years ago when they were both living in Holly Springs.

“Through our friendship, things blossomed from there,” Laura beamed.

About two and 1/2 years ago, Laura said, Scott proposed.

“I planned to propose to Laura on Mother’s Day and wanted to involve the kids,” Scott said. “We had a beautiful day on Jordan Lake for that day in May a little over two years ago, and it worked out perfect. I stopped the boat, got down on one knee with Mady and Zach on each side of me and proposed with the ring in hand.”

Shortly after the proposal, they moved to Denver to be closer to a lake, Laura said. That’s when wedding planning started.

“We didn’t get going with the wedding planning until January of this year,” she said. “We had decided this was a good time in our life to celebrate what we have and each other. We love Lake Norman, so we definitely wanted something to have that incorporated somehow.”

And Laura said Mady, her daughter, was a big part of the planning process, too – she said she felt “blessed to have that partnership.”

Mady agreed.

“It was fun picking out the dresses and shoes,” Mady said, “and trying the different flavors of cupcakes to decide which ones we were going to have on the wedding day.”

Laura and Mady chose a nautical theme with nods to Lake Norman throughout the decor, and the color pallete included gray and blush.

The couple got married on the Carolina Grace, a yacht docked at the Morningstar Marinas in Cornelius, and picked up all of their friends and family from their neighborhood dock in Sailview.

“We wanted to incorporate the lake so it was really fantastic we got to actually have our wedding on it,” Laura said.

In addition to the lake theme, Laura and Scott incorporated plenty of personal touches, too.

Laura’s son, Zachary, wore a cowboy hat most of the evening.

“My dad passed away about seven years ago, and it was his hat,” Laura said. “My son wanted to wear it in honor of my dad as he walked me down the aisle and wanted to be sure my dad was represented during the ceremony.”

And Mady said she liked celebrating with family, and listening to her “Grammy” speak during the ceremony.

“Another great moment,” she said, “was the sand ceremony that was part of the overall ceremony.  We each had a cylinder of sand – four different colors – and poured it into the frame symbolizing the unity of our new family.”

The whole night included a lot of dancing and good dessert, and Laura said, “I will not lie, we had a really good time.”



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