Thirsty Horses

Thirsty Horses, a cover band based out of Mooresville, will kickoff the 2019 Denver Days Music in the Park concert series with a show at Rescue Squad Park Saturday, May 18. 

DENVER – After rocking the venue last summer, Thirsty Horses will return to Rescue Squad Park Saturday, May 18, to kickoff the 2019 Denver Days Music in the Park concert series.

Founded in 2006, Mooresville-based Thirsty Horses has played hundreds of shows in the Lake Norman area over the years.

“As with a lot of bands, our lineup has changed a bit over the course of the past 13 years,” Thirsty Horses front man Brett Milstead said. “Honestly, it was a love of The Beatles that brought the first of us together. Initially, it started with me and a couple of friends doing some acoustic stuff at a few shows in our hometown, and people seemed to enjoy our music. Along the way we added a drummer and a bass player so we could do some full-band gigs in addition to our acoustic stuff.”

Thirsty Horses features Milstead as the lead vocalist, and he plays guitar as well, with Levi Castle playing lead guitar and providing backup vocals. Luke Barnette handles the bass guitar for the band and Chris McKinney is the drummer.

Thirsty Horses is a cover band that performs a mix of rock ‘n’ roll music spanning generations. The band reaches back to the 1950s and ‘60s and the roots of rock music, covering songs by The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, while also mixing in songs by some of today’s chart-toppers like The Killers, X-Ambassadors and Walk the Moon.

“We play a really wide variety of music from the ‘60s to today,” Milstead said. “It’s a lot of classic rock ‘n’ roll and pop, with some country rock thrown in there as well. We have a wide enough list of songs that we can kind of play to the venue and play to the audience depending on what it seems like they’re into. We’ll just kind of throw a few things out there, and if the audience is into it we’ll play more songs like those. Our goal is to play a little bit of something for everybody, hopefully.”

The Denver Days Music in the Park concert series is hosted by the Rotary Club of Denver LKN, with shows planned for the third Saturday of each month from May through August. Thirsty Horses will take the stage under the picnic shelter at Rescue Squad Park at 6 p.m. Saturday.


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