Poncho Afterglow

Poncho Afterglow is a four-man cover band that mostly plays classic and modern rock-n-roll covers, with some country mixed in. 

DENVER – Familiar faces will take the stage at Rescue Squad Park Saturday, July 20, for this month’s installment of the Denver Days Music in the Park Concert Series.

Poncho Afterglow, a local four-man cover band, hasn’t been together long, but the group has made a name for itself through regular appearances at a laundry list of venues in the Lake Norman region.

“The band came together just through mutual friends,” frontman Robert Tompkins said. “I moved here from Virginia, but our bass player and drummer had already played in a few bands together. From there, the stars just kind of lined up as they had a mutual friend who I eventually met that completed our four-piece band, and our personalities really just clicked very well, which really helps with the genuine enjoyment you see from us on stage during our live shows.”

The band, which is comprised of Tompkins, Chuck Costner, Kenzy Baxter and Jack Harrison, mostly plays classic and modern rock-n-roll covers, but will mix in some country occasionally. While their sets typically keep the crowd on its toes, even taking suggestions from the audience sometimes, they play everything from Chris Stapleton to Stevie Wonder and Neil Diamond.

“We are very spontaneous,” Tompkins said. “We try to read the atmosphere of the crowd when we take the stage. We very much look at it as our job to be entertainers first. Genuinely, we especially love playing classic rock songs that people are already very familiar with and can sing along to because we like to get that interaction. We do play a handful of newer songs, if the time feels right.”

This will be the third consecutive year Poncho Afterglow has played the Denver Days Music in the Park Concert Series, and it’s quickly become one of their favorite venues.

“We were invited out the first year, so we came, and everybody seemed to enjoy us so we were invited back,” Tompkins said. “Last year, we actually played there twice, and that second show was one of the more fun times that I’ve had in this band.

“It was an atmosphere where the weather was bad and I just knew it was going to ruin the show for us, but we were able to keep everyone under the canopy and it was a good crowd with everyone really getting into it. It was thundering and lightning to the point where I thought the power would go out at any minute, but everyone was really into it.”

Poncho Afterglow will take the stage under the picnic shelter at Rescue Squad Park at 6 p.m.


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