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The new Sports Page Food & Spirits is being built directly across the street from its current building, with construction estimated to wrap up in March.

DENVER – Sports Page Food & Spirits has been a staple in the Denver community for decades – long before every Charlotte-based restaurant venture started champing at the bit to open a new location on this side of Lake Norman.

Now, Sports Page is relocating, but those who frequent the restaurant’s current Waterside Crossing location won’t have to look far to find its brand-new facility. The restaurant is simply moving across the street into a newly constructed, two-story building that will house Sports Page on the ground floor and offices on the second story.

“It’s been about a year since we committed to this relocation project,” Sports Page owner Michael Bryant said. “At that time, I considered remodeling our current building, but the same owner owned that property across the street so we worked out a deal where I bought that land and now we’re building a new restaurant. This way everything can be built specifically to accommodate what we need.”

Bryant isn’t rebranding, so Sports Page will still seem familiar to its regular customers, but the new restaurant will be a bit more modern and much more spacious. Specifically, the new building will be 2,000 square feet larger, with most of that expansion impacting the restaurant’s kitchen, though a banquet room will be added as well for private parties and events.

“We’ve just sort of outgrown this place in different ways,” Bryant said. “This building is 3,800 square feet and the new restaurant will be 5,800 square feet. The kitchen at the new restaurant will be about three times the size of what we have here. … We’ll also have a banquet room that will allow us to host private events and holiday parties a little better than we do now. Right now we use our climate-controlled patio, but this will be a much nicer venue for hosting banquets, receptions, rehearsal dinners and those kind of things.”

Construction of the new restaurant is ongoing and, despite the unusually wet weather in recent weeks, Bryant still plans to open the doors in March. Once Sports Page moves out, Fresh Chef Kitchen will be occupying the existing facility.



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