“Parents can say, ‘I can actually breathe and spend time with my kid, the teachers are coordinating everything.’”

– Starboard Christian Academy co-founder Abby Keener talking about how students complete work two days a week at home instead of in class.


“She got me out the cradle. I was 17, she said ‘here, I’m taking him.’”

– Tommy White talking about marrying his wife, who is one year older, 67 years ago.


“If we got down on the floor, I couldn't get back up.”

– White, who goes to Silver Sneakers three days a week, talking about not taking the yoga class.


“My philosophy: I’m 85, I am not dressing like an old lady. … After I got that last daughter out of college, I said ‘It's my turn now.’”

– Jane White sharing her secrets to staying energized and happy in her 80s.


“They’re not on the clock. They’re doing this after-hours. This is for the love of the animals and trying to make it happen.”

– Lincoln County Commissioner Anita McCall talking about Lincoln County Animal Services and county staff meeting with no-kill advocates and groups to help the shelter become a no-kill facility.


“We’re not looking at the D students saying ‘at least we’re better than them,’ they're looking at the A students say ‘we’re going to be like them or better.’”

– Helping Animals to Survive President Matt Anderson talking about how leaders in the local no-kill movement have set the bar higher in recent years.


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