Dollar General

Dollar General will be at Lee Lawing Road and N.C. 150; the main entrance will be off of Lee Lawing. 

LINCOLNTON – The area’s newest Dollar General is slated to be complete within the next few months and is at the corner of N.C. 150 and Lee Lawing Road. The builders, Teramore Development, anticipate passing the baton to Dollar General May 28, according to Daniel Almazan, who works in Teramore’s land acquisition division. The store will open soon after.

Lincoln County Zoning Administrator Randy Hawkins said the building permit is being processed, and the construction project should get the official green light in the next couple of days. He said there have “been a couple of outstanding issues on the building permit” that have held the project back up until now, but “nothing major” raised any flags.

And though the project is moving quickly, Hawkins said he’s heard concerns from residents, and there’s still some hesitation from the community on welcoming another Dollar General.

“One thing we’ve got some questions about is the traffic situation there,” he said. “But the main entrance will be off of Lee Lawing, and on 150 it will be right in,right out only.”

He said this solution should ease congestion, but some aren’t convinced because North Lincoln High School is nearby, already contributing to congestion, and a new retail business could add to that.

“Another question we have gotten is ‘Was a traffic study done?’” Hawkins said. “And the answer is no. It did not trigger one based on peak-hour trips.”

He explained that for a traffic study to be done, there has to be 100 trips during the peak traffic time, meaning 100 vehicles have to be moving in and out of the Dollar General parking lot during the busiest times of the day. And Hawkins said “a store of this type” won’t generate that many trips.

“A good bit of the customers will be from pass-by traffic  – they’re already on the way somewhere and stop in there,” Hawkins said.

On the bright side, Hawkins said he hopes having the store there reduces longer trips. The aim is for residents to have access to goods a little closer to home.



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