It’s a big political year for North Carolina with status as a battleground state in the presidential election but also with its key state and local races. Early Voting is already underway, and voting will come to a close on Tuesday, Nov. 8 with Election Day. Below is a list of some of the races you’ll see on the ballot. 


North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District

U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry is running for his seventh term in Congress.

• Patrick McHenry (Republican)

• Andy Millard (Democrat)


N.C. Senate

N.C. Sen. David Curtis is running for his third term in representing the state’s 44th District. 

• David Curtis(Republican)

• Nic Haag (Libertarian)


N.C. House of Representatives

N.C. Rep. Jason Saine, a Republican, is running unopposed to represent the 97th District for a third full term. 


Lincoln County Board of Commissioners

There are three seats open on the board of commissioners, and Commissioner Carrol Mitchem is the only incumbent running this year. 

• Elaine Jenkins (Democrat)

• Anita McCall (Republican)

• Carrol Mitchem (Republican)

• Richard Permenter (Republican)

• Neil Underwood (Democrat) 


Lincoln County Board of Education 

There are four open seats on the board of education, and the race is nonpartisan. Cathy Davis and Mark Mullen currently serve on the board, although Mullen is running for a district seat rather than his currently held at-large seat. Tommy Houser has also previously served on the board. 

District 1

• Cathy Davis

• Tommy Houser

District 3

• David Kirk Herbertson

• Jeff Pariano

District 4

• Mark Mullen 


• Andrew Dellinger

• Clarissa Metts

• Heather Rhyne


N.C. District Court Judge for Lincoln and Cleveland counties 

Four district court judges are up for re-election in this nonpartisan race, but Judge Meredith Shuford is the only one with a challenger. 

• Meredith Shuford vs. Justin Brackett

• K. Dean Black

• Jeannette Racquel Reeves

• Larry J. Wilson 


Other races include the presidential election between Republican nominee Donald Trump, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson; the gubernatorial election between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Democrat N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper and the senate race between Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr and Democrat Deborah Ross. 

Voting precincts throughout eastern Lincoln County include Salem United Methodist, Denver United Methodist, St. James Elementary, East Lincoln Fire Department, Pumpkin Center Intermediate, North Lincoln High, East Lincoln Recreation Center and St. Peter-by-the-Lake Episcopal Church. If you are unsure of your voting precinct, there is a search tool on the State Board of Elections’ website at  

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