Carolynn Wesche goes through one of the SAT prep books Mentaur Learning Center uses to help students. 

DENVER – When Ginny Wirzbicki approached the tutors at Mentaur Learning Center about taking the helm of the tutoring business, Carolynn Wesche was one of the ones who expressed interest.

Wesche, a former teacher who has been tutoring at the center since January, had her first official day as Mentaur’s new owner on July 1.

She said she was excited to embrace a new kind of workload outside of the classroom setting.

“I don’t like not being busy, but I didn’t want the busyness of being in the classroom,” Wesche said. “So this is a new way to stay busy and branch out in a way that I’ve never branched out before, in other words the business end of it…. That, to me, is an exciting challenge.”

Wirzbicki started the tutoring center in 2010 after spending time as a high school English teacher and also working in marketing. She had worked with the Davidson Center, which offers college planning and test preparation services as well as tutoring, and felt that Lincoln County could benefit from having something similar.

“We’ve made a bit of an impact, and we have a great reputation,” she said.

But she feels it is time to move on. She and her husband had decided to move from their home in Denver to Florida to retire. Wirzbicki first thought she would sell Mentaur Learning Center to an outside buyer, but that just didn’t feel right to her. She wanted to sell to someone she knew.

“I wasn’t really comfortable with that…” she said. “So this year I decided what I want to do is leave a legacy, and I don’t want to leave a void.”

Wesche is excited to step into her new role. She will continue her tutoring duties but will also be more involved with marketing, scheduling and payroll duties as the owner.

Since moving out of the teaching position, she has especially liked the one-on-one aspect that tutoring offers as compared to having to focus on 20-plus students in a classroom.

“In focusing on that one child, you can figure out their strengths and weaknesses much more easily … It’s just hard to reach everybody in that setting (the classroom). The one-on-one setting is much more rewarding to me because I get to see the student flourish, hopefully if I do my job right,” she said.  

Wirzbicki will continue to be involved with the center and will help with college planning and preparation for the verbal section of the SAT through Skype. She said she is glad to know that what she started will continue.

“I’m thrilled that it’s going to keep going,” she said. “I feel like I’ve left a mark, and now it will keep on trucking.”

Mentaur offers tutoring, test preparation and college planning services for students in kindergarten through college. It is located at 338 N.C. 16. For more information, call 704-489-4888.


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