Cambridge Village is on track to be completed early 2018; this aerial shot shows progress made through the end of July.

DENVER – Two Publix supermarket locations are expected to open – one each in Denver and Sherrills Ford – within the next year and each are part of larger developments expected to bring new business and provide hundreds of jobs.

The Denver location is slated to open within the first few months of 2018. The popular grocery chain will be located in Cambridge Village, a development being built near the intersection of N.C. 73 and Pilot Knob Road.

In late June, Jay Priester, vice president of development and leasing for Cambridge Properties, said the development featuring the Florida-based grocery store has been in the works since 2008. However, the economic recession and local sewer issues slowed early progress. The project finally picked back up in 2014.

The Publix will be included in the first of three development phases, which speaks to the area’s tremendous growth, marked by the number of retail and residential projects underway.

Jennifer Webber, membership services and development coordinator for the Lincolnton-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, said Trilogy Lake Norman, a 55 and older active lifestyle community, helped spur the area’s growth.

“I think it says a lot for Denver. Once Trilogy came in, that brought a lot here,” Webber said. “It’s driving things here, I don’t think Publix would come unless they thought there was potential for growth.”

Denver residents will also have the option to shop the chain at the Village at Sherrills Ford which is slated to be completed next spring.

Wagner Property Group Vice President Sarah Liakos said the Sherrills Ford shopping center will include one of Publix’s largest prototypes, coming in at just under 50,000 square feet. “In-line retail space” is also available, which Liakos said would suit medical offices, restaurants, hair and nail salons and “the normal players in a Publix shopping center.”

Liakos said there is around 12,000 square feet of retail spaces available and an additional out-parcel adds around 1,400 square feet of space. Potential occupants of the detached parcel  could include a free-standing bank or medical center.

Like Publix, Wagner is based in Florida but property managers are working to ensure steady progress. Liakos said the project manager visits the site monthly and staff watch building daily through OxBlue, a live monitoring service.

In addition to new businesses, both locations are on track to create employment opportunities.

Priester said the Denver Publix will create 140 new jobs, noting the job potential for the entire shopping center is unknown, as tenant negotiations are still in the works.

So far, Crafty Burg’r, UPS and a nail salon have committed and several letters of intent from various businesses have been submitted. Possibilities include a pizza place, seafood restaurant and a pet store, just to name a few.

“We’re being really picky,” Priester said, noting the importance of welcoming a variety of retailers and restaurants.

The developments promise new opportunities for residents.

“It’s all around positive for the whole area,” Webber said. “Denver is growing by leaps and bounds.”

For questions about available space at the Sherrills Ford location, contact the Wagner Property Group at 813-284-7977.


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