Get healthier with juice trend


HUNTERSVILLE – Juicing offers a quick way to get multiple nutrients at once as well as other health benefits, which make for a great way to help stick to that health-focused New Year’s resolution.

Clean Juice in Birkdale Village is helping people get into the juicing craze by offering a variety of juicing options as well as smoothies and even a juice cleansing program.

“The main benefit of juicing is you get three, four, sometimes five servings of different fruits and vegetables in one cup,” Kat Eckles, who operates Clean Juice with her husband, Landon Eckles said.

They opened Clean Juice at 16815 Cranlyn Road, Suite B, in Birkdale Village in June and continue to work to provide customers with healthy, organic menu items. Many of the items incorporate one or more vegetables. Clean Juice also sells some of its juices in packages as part of a cleanse program.

According to the Clean Juice website, the business offers one, two, three and five-day cleanses that can help provide people with a variety of health benefits, including rest for certain organs such as the stomach, liver and intestines; boosts in energy; deeper sleep; mental clarity and improved mood; weight loss; a reduction in bloating; and intense hydration.

Kat Eckles first learned about juicing shortly after having a baby. Since then, she and her husband frequented juice bars. The two decided to open their own shop because there wasn’t a business like it in the area. They say the business has been doing well and people continually come by to try the juices and other items they offer.

The couple is planning to open a few more around the Charlotte area, Kat Eckles said.

A lot of the juice and smoothie options offered also provide people with a burst of energy, which helps attract many of them back. Landon Eckles said they have worked to be clear and transparent with the ingredients they use and work to use all organic produce and no added sugars.

“On our menu, you’re going to find every single ingredient that’s in every single one of our products,” he said.

Along with offering healthy items, the shop also works to make the menu items tasteful by differing the levels of vegetables and fruit to cater to customers’ varying tastes, he said.

On the Clean Juice menu, the different juice blends offered are named almost informally, based on their health benefits they provide.

For instance, a juice made using beets, apples, oranges, celery, carrots and ginger is known as The Energy One, while a drink made using orange, carrot, pineapple, turmeric and lemon is known as The Immunity One.

The Immunity One is good for when you feel a cold coming on and Kat Eckles said she has often used it herself.

More information about Clean Juice can be found at You can also contact the store by calling 704-997-6325 or visit the Clean Juice Smoothie & Juice Bar Facebook page.


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