Tina Sheets, owner and principal planner at A Simple Affair Events of Huntersville, has been putting together weddings in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas for years. Through her experiences she’s learned how to make the big day as blissful and stress-free as possible. She compiled a list of the top 10 things she sees couples forget when it comes to final details. 

Your wedding day is certainly going to be jam-packed with “to do’s.” From what time to start your hair and makeup to when to cut your cake, every detail has probably been thought out, but there are a few things that might have slipped your mind.  

1. Do you really want to leave all the day-of responsibilities to your parents?

There is a misconception that you have to have an over-the-top wedding to have a wedding planner, which is not true. Hiring a wedding planner, even if it is just for day of coordination, will make your day go so much smoother. A day of wedding planner will typically start four to six weeks before your wedding day and will help you organize all of the last-minute details and provide onsite management of your day.


2. Welcome your guests.

It’s often nice to have someone “Welcome” your guests as they join you for your special day. This can be done by the parents of the bride or groom or even the couple themselves, but it’s a nice gesture to formally welcome everyone to your reception. Assigning someone this task ahead allows for them to “plan” what they would like to say.


3. Make sure you eat.

It may seem strange to think that you would forget to eat on your wedding day, but it happens. If you are having a buffet or food stations for your reception, one way to ensure that you will get in a few bites is to request that your caterer make your plates for you and bring them to your table. Additionally, if you are serving appetizers during your cocktail hour you can always ask your caterer to bring a small amount to you and your bridal party immediately following your formal pictures, which often happen during cocktail hour, to ensure that you all get to enjoy the food!


4. Do you have utensils to cut the cake?

Don’t forget something to cut your cake. The caterer will have utensils to cut the cake in case you forget, but your cake table is one of the most photographed tables at your reception, so take the time to think about if you want to buy a special set for you two.

Insider tip: Maybe your parents or grandparents still have theirs from their wedding.


5. Where will your presents and personal belongings go?

Are you leaving for your honeymoon the following morning? If so, have you thought of who is going to take home all your presents, cards and personal belongings? Whether you have a wedding planner or not, having someone who is assigned to take home your personal items not only ensures that everything gets home. 


6. Consider transportation.

Are you are going home or to a hotel following your reception? Having transportation to get there is critical. Whether you have a family member drive you or call a transportation service and reserve them in advance, having someone drive you is especially important if you have been drinking. 

Insider tip: This is always a good opportunity to have your caterer make you a “to-go” box, which might include some leftovers from your dinner, a little bubbly or more of that cake you didn’t get to finish. 


7. What to do with all those flowers?

Once the evenings has come to an end, your vendors get hard at work breaking everything down. One thing that is often forgotten is all the beautiful centerpieces and bouquets. Let your wedding planner or florist know what you would like done with the remaining flowers. You can allow your family or guests to take them as a departure gift if they would like or better yet check with your florist to see if they would be willing to donate them to a senior center or homeless shelter. Such a small gesture can really go a long way in making a difference to someone in need.  


8. Bring your invitation.

When it comes to documenting your day, one item that frequently gets forgotten is your invitation. You spent all that time creating your invitation suite, so make sure you have copy with you the day of for your photographer. 


9. Check on final payments and tips.

Most vendors will require payment in full 30 days to two weeks prior to your wedding day, but some may take final payment on your wedding day.  If so, make sure you have written those checks or put that cash in envelopes – sealed and addressed ahead of time. This way, you won’t be pulled away from your party taking care of last-minute payments.

Insider tip: Not all wedding vendors expect gratuity but some do, so do your homework ahead of time to know what is suggested. Your vendors work incredibly hard to make your day special, make sure you show them some appreciation even if it is a handwritten thank you note or a review of their services after the fact. 


10. Relax.

You have spent a lot of time planning your special day, make sure to enjoy it. Remember that all the details you planned are just that, details. The most important thing to remember is that you are marrying your best friend, your perfect mate, the yin to your yang. Having your family and friends there to share your special day is the real icing on the cake.  

To check out more of Tina Sheets’ work, visit www.simpleaffairevents.com


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