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Eating fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods is strategy Lakeside Sports Chiropractic uses for weight loss.

Meghan Gregory is a chiropractic physician specializing in nutrition counseling at Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab in Cornelius. As part of her expanding role, she works with weight loss and detox programs, having previously practiced for almost 20 years in Mooresville. Here are Gregory’s keys to starting a healthier diet in 2019:


Food choices are more important than exercise

“You can consume a lot more calories than you can burn off. A 30-minute walk will burn 150 calories, and that many calories can be two bites of a piece of pie. We can take them in a lot faster than we can burn them off. Exercise is important, and the more we move the more calories were going to burn. You’re not going to lose weight if you’re not cutting back on the food.”

Go back to basics

“I love to build a basic framework for their meals: 4 ounces of lean meat, two veggies and two fruits max per day, which can be broken up. That’s just good, basic nutrition. One quick thing they can do is to take the starches and replace them with vegetables. Per weight, the starches have a lot of calories. Whole-grain carbs are still a lot more calorically dense than a vegetable is. A cup of a starch could have 200 or more calories in it. A cup of vegetables will have 30-60. A good strategy is to replace all the starches with vegetables.”

Shop the outside of the store

“All of the proteins and vegetables are on the outside of the grocery store. If you avoid the middle isles, where everything is processed, it’s just a lot easier to stay on track. That’s clean eating. If you eat like that just for a few days, your cravings will stop and your hunger will decrease. It happens every time. It’s not just with some patients, it’s with all of them.”

Write things down, stay accountable

“Write it all down, just do a food diary. What you’re eating and the amounts. It’s kind of an accountability thing, if you know you have to write it down, it’s going to make you think twice about it. If you can have an accountability partner you want to lose weight with, that often helps too, like it would for exercise.”

Detoxes are a good way to start

“We start a lot of patients with a cleanse or detox; it’s very popular right now. It’s not for everyone because it’s a more strict eating. We do a program where you’re drinking three protein shakes that are plant-based and you’re eating as many green vegetables as you want. When you do that for a week, it breaks all of your ties to processed food, which makes it easier to stay on track. The weight loss for that time can be significant, up to 12 pounds. Usually it’s 5-8 pounds for a cleanse. We do some supplements that detox the liver and the organs. It’s not an intestinal cleanse. It’s a really great way to break away from processed food.”

Combining diets adds weight

“It can be the weight-loss patients who are wanting to get a jump-start. That first time they come in, I spend about an hour with them to figure out the stumbling blocks and what I can do to help them get through the stumbling blocks. A lot of it is psychological. 

A lot of patients will want to mix and match low-carb dieting and low-fat dieting. And you can’t mix and match, it’s just a recipe for disaster. When you add a bunch of fats and starches to your diet, that’s when you start to gain weight.”


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