The sights, sounds and scenes of animal kingdom interaction and nature are vibrant in the summer in the North Carolina Piedmont. And we’d like to see some of the images you’ve captured.

In recent weeks, we’ve snapped a few, including a deer dropping in for breakfast and a hummingbird zooming in for a snack and some rare relaxation.

The small deer was an unexpected morning guest at a small farm on Grey Road on the northeast side of Davidson. With the resident horse serving as the unflappable host, the deer popped out of the woods to sample some of the grass and clover just outside the horse’s split-rail confines.

After a hearty breakfast and just

 a little acknowledgment of the fellow animals – and one curious photographer – witnessing the scene, the deer hopped back into the trees over a low spot of the wire fence surrounding the pasture.

As for the hummingbird, he found a front yard feeder filled with sugar water to his liking in Mooresville. After surveying the surroundings, and sampling selections from various nectar outlets while maintaining a furious wing-flickering pace, the tiny creature settled in for a rare sit-down meal, even pausing to savor the moment.

We’d like to add your photographs to our collection. If you have some nice images of summer scenery or lake-area wildlife, help us share them with the community. Please submit your photos – those in a 1 MB or larger format have a better chance of making the paper – by email to


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