DAVIDSON – More than a year of data compilation, option analysis and feedback from town residents and transportation experts was involved in creating several hundred pages of proposals and prioritized projects in the draft version of Davidson’s Mobility Plan.

The draft was released for public consumption in mid February. A final public comment session wraps up Friday, March 15. Consultant updates to create a final draft, followed by livability and planning board reviews, are scheduled in the coming months before the final proposal is presented for town board consideration by mid summer.

The plan is the result of a team effort involving the town’s planning staff, consultants and a steering committee of local residents tasked with identifying transportation enhancements, programs, policies and projects to improve connectivity for all modes of transportation.

The study, approved as a town objective in late 2017, was financed with $25,000 in town funding and $100,000 from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization. It is the latest effort to officially adopt a comprehensive guidebook for the town’s approach to help residents move by every means possible. The plan is also considered a Comprehensive Transportation Plan evaluating not only projects, but also the anticipated costs and possible funding sources to manage, sustain and improve the town’s transportation network.

Emphasis on input

During a town board presentation about the draft version of the plan, Planning Board Chairman Matthew Dellinger said high-profile efforts to gather public insight and ideas about mobility issues began in February 2018 and was a prioritized part of the entire mobility plan process.

“I don’t know how much more public engagement could have been had,” Dellinger told commissioners.

He said that in addition to steady interaction with town citizens, the group preparing the study also sought input from Davidson College, the Charlotte Area Transit System, the N.C. Department of Transportation, and other agencies and organizations.

Alta Planning was the town’s consultant for the study and Alta’s Wade Walker, a Davidson resident, also emphasized the thorough nature of the opinion-gathering process.

“It’s been a long road, pardon the pun,” Walker told commissioners.

He added that the town’s “core value” emphasis on a network serving pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and all modes of movement remained the focus of every discussion.


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