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The home currently at 335 Sloan Street, just off Griffith Street, is destined for future use elsewhere as part of the town's affordable housing program. 

Budget Breakdown


What it is: Aiming at multiple birds with one stone, the town board has authorized the purchase of a historic home on a small lot near the intersection of Sloan Street and Griffith Street. As part of the consent agenda at the board's Nov. 27 session, the long-evaluated effort to acquire the property and the vacant house at 335 Sloan St. was finalized. The .15-acre lot is beside a similarly-sized lot the town already owns in the southwest corner of the Sloan/Griffith intersection. The town's ownership of the property, according to Davidson Communications Director Cristina Shaul, will allow the North Carolina Department of Transportation to consider use of the land for a potential roundabout at the intersection as part of the Potts-Beaty-Sloan Street connector road project. That approved road project will create an alternate north-south corridor on the west side of N.C. 115 between the Davidson-Cornelius border and the north side of Davidson.

The town also plans, based on recommendations from the N.C. Historic Preservation Office, to move the 102-year-old, 1,200-square-foot house to another site and make it available for future residential use. “This fits in quite nicely with the Davidson Board of Commissions' interest in historic preservation,” Shaul said. “So this project has a lot of benefits from an affordable housing, transportation and historic preservation perspective.”

What is the cost: Based on the results of an outside appraisal, the town has agreed to spend $206,000 to purchase the property. Town officials have not yet discussed the costs associated with moving the house to a different location.


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