halloween in huntersville

Halloween in Huntersville will have a food truck rally, costume contest and an egg dash.

HUNTERSVILLE – Halloween in Huntersville returns this year at Rural Hill Saturday, Oct. 20. The event is a partnership between the town’s parks and recreation department and the historic venue and offers activities for both children and adults.

Alison Ahrens, Huntersville’s downtown events and facility coordinator, believes Rural Hill is the ideal place to hold a Halloween-themed event. And though food trucks have been involved in the past, this is the first time there has been a “rally” instead of one or two trucks.


Herald Citizen: What makes Rural Hill a good location for this event?

Alison Ahrens: Rural Hill feels like Halloween; it just has that fall atmosphere. We try to connect with (Rural Hill Executive Director) Jeff Fissel for a location that’s fall-oriented.


HC: What’s new this year?

AA: This year we’re doing the egg dash. It’s like an Easter egg hunt, but there will be 20,000 black and orange eggs filled with candy. We’re making it unique and fun. 


HC: You’ve mentioned some draws for kids. What will there be that adults can get excited about?

AA: There will be a food truck rally with between 15 and 20 food trucks as well as local beverages, so local craft beer and wine. And the bands (Red Leg Husky is the headliner) are geared toward families.


HC: Tell me about the costume contest.

AA: We’ve expanded the costume contest by adding categories like best superhero to go along with best Disney character and homemade costume. And there will be one for best family costume.


HC: As primary sponsor, how is Kid to Kid, the children’s consignment store, involved?

AA: They will be awarding the costume contest and will have a vendor location on the grounds.


HC: How important is Halloween in Huntersville to the town?

AA: This is our main fall event. We’re making it bigger with the egg dash, making it unique and fun.


HC: Are the fall activities at Rural Hill impacted by it?

AA: The event is 4-8 p.m., but the maze will be open before and after for the night maze. People can still do the maze and hayrides. The music may last longer as well.


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