HUNTERSVILLE – Sherry George always had a passion for art and the goal of running a business. In college, she said she altered her course of studies a few times to pursue her interests but kept being told there was no way she could “make a livelihood out of art.”

Today, in a busy holiday season and more than 21 years after opening meg-art pottery painting studio with her husband, Scott – a venture named after the couple's oldest daughter, Megan – Sherry and the George family, which now also includes daughters Allee and Darby, serve a growing number of regular patrons and others who have discovered meg-art provides opportunities throughout the year to create one-of-a-kind gifts and personalized items.

“I guess,” Sherry George said with a smile about the naysayers she remembered from college, “we have proven them wrong.”

The meg-art formula

The shop is lined with shelves stocked with a wide range of mostly-white ceramic items. Coffee mugs in various styles and shapes are popular items, but there are also statuettes, balls, platters, vases, goblets, signs, crosses, piggy banks and a vast collection of dinnerware. And currently, there's also a complete assortment of seasonal specialties, including Christmas trees, ornaments, snowmen, Santa Claus-face cookie jars and even a few Christmas cacti for those who favor a more southwestern theme for the holidays.

“People come in, pick out what they want and then paint and decorate it themselves,” Sherry said about the shop, which also draws a regular crowd to BYOB Adult Nights on Friday when meg-art stays open until midnight.

Several work tables are in place, and the meg-art crew provides all the supplies – along with ideas and advice when asked – to help customers prepare their masterpieces. The staff then handles the glazing and firing chores and, in about a week, the customized creation is ready for pick-up.

“And these are things people usually keep.” Sherry said. “It's customized, personalized and usually means something pretty special to those who receive it.”

The holiday season is an especially popular time at meg-art.

“Everyone seems to working on their Christmas presents now,” Sherry said.

But hand-crafted creations, she said, are ideal gifts for any occasion, adding piggy banks decorated with images linked to a couple's honeymoon destination have become her own “go-to wedding present.”


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