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These photos of debris on Danny Phillips' property accompanied a citation for illegal dumping.

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Danny Phillips

HUNTERSVILLE – Mecklenburg County has given town board member Danny Phillips 30 days to clean up illegally dumped trash that was found partially buried on rural property he owns.

Phillips told the Herald Citizen Tuesday he was unaware of the June 27 citation or of any dumping on the property at 15500 Hubbard Road in Huntersville.

However, a neighbor said he watched as Phillips directed the operator of a backhoe who moved and partially covered the trash. The neighbor, who asked not to be identified, shared a photo of a man on a backhoe at the site of the dumping.

The neighbor also said he had made an offer to buy Phillips’ property, and included a stipulation that the trash be removed. He ultimately didn’t make the deal.

Photos accompanying the citation show trash, scrap metal, hoses and other debris on the property.

“The solid waste accumulation is a violation of the Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Disposal Ordinance and presents environmental, health and sanitation impacts on Mecklenburg County and its residents,” the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency says in its citation. “Please note that burying trash and waste on one's property is still seen as illegal dumping.”

The 10.3-acre tract is one of nine Huntersville properties owned by Phillips, according to county records. Phillips, a farmer and owner of the Old Store, has been a town board member since 2011.


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