Huntersville Public Works Church Street

Huntersville's current public works storage and stockpiling yard is off Church Street on property destined to be part of the mixed-used Vermillion Village development. 

Budget: $320,880


What is it: At its April 3 meeting, the Huntersville town board approved using funds from the town’s “Sale of Land” account for acquisition of 3.5 acres and basic site improvements required to prepare the property as a public works department stockpiling, material storage and staging area. The property is part of a vacant 9.5-acre parcel at 11835 Ramah Church Road. It is adjacent to a current 5.5-acre public works facility on Seagle Street.


What is the cost: The total expenditure is $320,880. The funds include $220,880 for the property purchase and $100,000 for clearing work and the basic steps required to prepare the site as a storage and equipment yard.


Explanation: The town currently has a storage and stockpiling lot on the east side of North Church Street that has been used by the town for several decades. That property is part of the 30-acre Anchor Mill site the town sold last year for $1.35 million that will become the Vermillion Village mixed-use development. Since the town sold the property, Public Works Director Max Buchanan has been searching for a new storage and staging area.


Quote: “This is something we’ve been planning for since the town property was sold,” Buchanan said. “We have an agreement in place with the Vermillion Village developers (Bowman Development Group) that allows us to keep using the current site until they need it, but we wanted to move forward with acquiring space when we found a suitable site.”


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