Jetton Road Cornelius

After a second survey was taken addressing the intersection of Jetton Road and Old Jetton Road, 60 percent of the responders wanted to keep the current traffic pattern.

CORNELIUS – In the end it was the commissioners who are the non-residents of The Peninsula who decided the fate of the speed on Jetton Road. At least for now.

Discussion regarding drivers on the main road of The Peninsula have been circulating the dais for more than a year. Commissioners have lowered speed limits and done studies as well as, most recently, approved a new traffic pattern coming out of Old Jetton Road to decrease the number of accidents. The topics of crosswalk safety and the potential to increase the speed from 35 mile per hour to 40-45 mph have split not only the board members but the residents themselves.

At previous meetings, some have solicited the board to increase the speed again, saying it didn’t need to be lowered as it had no bearing on accidents in the area. During the Oct. 1 meeting, several residents off of Meta Road refuted that.

“Having the speed limit raised again heading east on Jetton from 35 mph to 45 and back to 35 in a commercial area doesn’t make sense,” Spinnakers Reach Drive resident William Brunk said. “If it increases back to 45, I can live with it, but I won’t be happy. I’ll be particularly unhappy if one of my family or friends is injured or dies along Jetton Road.”

Others said speed combined with the fact no one pays attention to the pedestrian crosswalks are also causes for concern.

Commissioner Denis Bilodeau, who also serves on the neighborhood’s Homeowners Association board, motioned to enhance crosswalks, including the one at Meta Road, and then raise the speed limit to 40 on certain parts of the road.

Commissioner David Gilroy said he wouldn’t support a speed limit increase.

“I have not heard a single compelling interest point on it,” he said with applause following.

After Bilodeau’s motion failed, Commissioner Mike Miltich said he would be OK with fixing the crosswalks and then returning to vote on speeds if needed but to keep them the same for now.

Miltich’s motion passed 3-2, with Bilodeau and Commissioner Kurt Naas dissenting.



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