The speed limit on the mile-long section of Stumptown Road between U.S. 21 (left) and N.C. 115 (right) will be lowered from 45 to 35 miles per hour.

HUNTERSVILLE – After a month-long break between meetings, the town board raced  through its July 15 agenda before screeching to a halt in debate about a speed limit change on Stumptown Road, ending with a rare tie-breaking vote by Mayor John Aneralla.

Following a prolonged discussion related to Commissioner Dan Boone’s motion to lower the speed limit from 45 to 35 miles per hour on the mile-long stretch of Stumptown between N.C. 115 and U.S 21 – an exchange that included Town Engineer Stephen Trott and Huntersville Police Department Major Barry Graham voicing reservations about a change – commissioners deadlocked 3-3. Aneralla’s deciding vote authorized the speed limit adjustment.

In his presentation, Boone said residential growth in the Stumptown corridor, the presence of a church and school along the road and the absence of accessible sidewalks were reasons he endorsed the lower speed limit. Commissioner Danny Phillips agreed, saying development and daily traffic volume have increased since the town assumed responsibility of the road.

Commissioner Nick Walsh, citing statistics from the town’s traffic/engineering and police departments indicating speeding isn’t a problem on the road, said he didn’t think the change was needed. And Commissioner Melinda Bales, referencing personal observations on nearby Ranson Road, said she was concerned a lower posted speed limit could give pedestrians and motorists a false sense of security about the road’s safety.

Commissioner Brian Hines’ compromise substitute motion for a 40-mph limit failed before the board voted on Boone’s motion. Boone and Phillips were joined by Commissioner Mark Gibbons in supporting the change, with Walsh, Bales and Hines opposed.

Parcel sold to Silver

Also at the meeting, the board approved the sale of a 2.6-acre parcel in the Commerce Station industrial park to Silver Huntersville LLC. The company will pay $180,000 for the property at 12501 Commerce Station Drive, just east of Pactiv Corp.’s production facility.

Silver Huntersville already owns two adjoining parcels, totally 9 acres, earmarked for "spec" buildings offering office, industrial and manufacturing space.




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