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Historic Preservation Consultant Mary Ruffin Hanbury will lead a program about creating a designated historic district in Davidson and outline the benefits of historic designation.

DAVIDSON – A public information session about the pros, cons and process of creating a designated historic district will be held Wednesday, Nov. 28, in the fellowship hall at Davidson United Methodist Church, 233 S. Main St.

Historic Preservation Consultant Mary Ruffin Hanbury will lead the program and outline the benefits of historic designation and answer questions.

Davidson is exploring the expansion of its local historic district, which currently includes the two to three blocks downtown. The stated goal is to preserve and protect historically significant structures in Davidson in order to preserve a small-town character and links to our community’s past.

The current local historic district was designated in 1989. In 2009, a much larger area of “old Davidson” was designated as a National Register Historic District.

“We encourage property owners, especially those in the National Register Historic District, to attend this meeting, since neighborhoods in that district have the most intact historic integrity and will be the most likely candidates for an expanded local historic district,” said Assistant Town Manager Dawn Blobaum. “Historic preservation is one of the Davidson Board of Commissioners’ goals in their 2018-19 Strategic Plan, so we are interested in exploring the benefits of expanding our local historic district.”

The town hired Hanbury of Hanbury Preservation Consulting to determine which neighborhoods are appropriate for local historic district designation.

For additional information about the preservation efforts, contact Blobaum at dblobaum@townofdavidson.org or call 704-940-9615.


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