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Instructor David Holquin, left, introduces Erin Greenawalt to some of the modern music production tools available at Learn Music’s new lab. Courtesy of Learn Music

CORNELIUS – The opening of a new music production lab – the facility’s third expansion in four years – is the latest indication that Learn Music School has developed a solid and growing relationship with aspiring musicians throughout the Lake Norman region.

The husband and wife team of Adam and Rachael Wilson combined a passion for music with a desire to help others hone skills when they opened the school in January 2014. And the new lab, providing access to the latest advances in music production technology and techniques, is a valuable new asset for those efforts.

In the lab – in addition to individual production sessions – the school will host group classes and camps allowing students the opportunity to produce their own music. The lab will also be the site for web design classes and band rehearsals.

Adam Wilson said the lab will expand the musical horizons for  the school’s students.

“Imagine trying to build a house with just a hammer,” he said. “That is really what a guitar player or another type of musician is trying to do when they are working to create a song. With the lab, they are able to see and hear how the other instruments merge, how to plan for them and blend all the pieces of a song together. It teaches them how to produce the complete package and that’s a tremendous plus for the creative process.”

“The lab basically puts an entirely new set of tools in their creative toolbox,” he added. “It gives them everything they need to paint the total picture of their song.”

Collaborative emphasis

Bringing various aspects of music together has been a Learn Music objective since it opened. In 2014, Adam was the only teacher and had about 15 students. Today, 14 instructors and three office workers are on the Learn Music staff, and the school serves 300 students. But throughout the growth process, Adam said, the school’s priorities have remained the same: learn, perform, collaborate and create.

The school provides individual lessons in piano, guitar, bass, drums, vocals and ukulele, and Adam said the constant focus is on helping students develop their skills.

“Our goal is to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment where they can become excellent musicians,” he said.

But the other Learn Music core values are just as important in developing well-rounded students.

“We have students perform regularly,” Adam said. “It is important they take what they have learned and display it on the stage. And collaboration, learning to play and perform with others, is an important aspect of basic musical training.”

Performers from the school, often introduced to each other through the Learn Music Legends program, form bands that provide entertainment at a variety of events. Adam said a big event for Learn Music’s students will be a gathering on Saturday, June 2, at Kadi Fit in Cornelius.

“We’ll have bands performing there for a crowd of 200 people or more,” he said.

A drive to teach

Adam, who was born in Cornelius but developed his love for music while growing up in Southern California, said he began giving music lessons when he was 19.

“I discovered that my greatest joy was helping others learn how to play an instrument,” he said, adding that the school has given him and Rachael the chance to do just that.

“We have a real heart for this community and helping students improve their skills,” he said. “And the thrill is seeing them develop and watching where their talent takes them.”


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