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 CORNELIUS – A new program accessible through the town’s website provides residents with a direct avenue of communication about local road issues.

In late May, the town’s Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) launched the Street Smarts program to encourage residents to help identify difficulties and opportunities pertaining to roads and transportation projects.

The Street Smarts program is an online map portal, accessible at, that allows participants to place an identification pin on a road, intersection, crosswalk or other piece of transportation infrastructure. The program then allows the participant to add a comment about an issue related to that area or share an idea or suggestion for improvements at that location.

Comments will be reviewed and perhaps introduced as items for discussion by members of the TAB at the board’s monthly meetings. A press release from the town about the Street Smarts program emphasized that not all comments will lead to immediate action, but input received through the program will contribute to the development of a “working list” of potential projects for future consideration.

The goal is for the program to allow residents to share information about traffic problems they encounter – along with opinions about the cause of those issues – and suggestions for ways to improve roads, intersections and pedestrian pathways.

The TAB is a citizen committee that works with the Cornelius Planning Department and the town’s board of commissioners to provide guidance on issues related to transportation, development and pedestrian safety. Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Miltich and Commissioner Kurt Naas are the town board liaisons for the committee.

The goal is for the Street Smarts program to become a vital planning and evaluation tool, providing a connection between residents and town officials and an opportunity for public feedback on transportation issues.

Directions for how to use the new program are on the town’s website, along with details about how information received will be processed and the type of response participants can expect from the TAB and the town.


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