Huntersville fire tanners creek

This picture posted by the Huntersville Fire Department shows cars parked on the street in the Tanners Creek neighborhood.

HUNTERSVILLE – A Tanners Creek family called the fire department Dec. 2 because of potential carbon monoxide poisoning; however, because cars were parked along both sides of the street in the neighborhood, trucks weren’t able to get through the quickest route. 

“The parking prevented our trucks from reaching the scene, requiring our fire engines to back up all the way out of the street and utilize another side street to access the patients,” a Huntersville Fire Department Facebook post states. “This delayed our response to a family in need. We sounded the sirens and the horns, but no one came out to move their vehicles. This is not a good thing and really troubles us...please help us, help you.”

In this case the family was able to be helped, but the Facebook post circulated with people commenting that police should enforce parking rules or the town should do something about it to prevent that delay from occurring.

Huntersville Police Officer J.N. Abraham said police were dispatched to the Tanners Creek neighborhood; however, legally nothing was amiss. 

“There is no signage that says no parking,” Abraham said, noting it’s a public street so there aren’t rules against parking there.

Blocked roadways are a common occurrence in neighborhoods. Part of the problem, he said, is developers are trying to fit as many houses in as possible and making the roads narrower and narrower. 

The police department is going to work with neighborhood representatives to educate residents about the importance of not blocking the roads

There is a separate process if a neighborhood wanted to get no-parking signs. 

People should be mindful before they park, and don’t assume people or firefighters will find an alternative route. 

“Absolutely nothing is going to stop them from putting a hose through a window if they need to,” Abraham said. 


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