Mecklenburg County’s next sheriff and district attorney have been selected, and in other races the ballots are set for November after the completion of polling in the May 8 primary.

Challenger Garry McFadden, a former detective with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, received nearly 53 percent of the vote in a three-candidate Democratic primary to unseat Irwin Carmichael as Mecklenburg County’s sheriff. McFadden, Carmichael and Antoine Ensley squared off in the primary and there are no Republican candidates for the position.

McFadden won in nearly all of Mecklenburg’s precincts, but Carmichael was the leading vote-getter in Huntersville and Cornelius precincts 142, 207, 208 and 209. Ensley won 20 southern Mecklenburg precincts and received the most votes in four precincts – 127, 143, 240 and 242 – in Huntersville and Cornelius.

In the Democratic primary for the Mecklenburg County District Attorney, again with no Republican filed for the position, Spencer Merriweather easily defeated Toussaint Romain. Merriweather won in each of the county’s 195 precincts.

In the Democratic primary for at-large positions on the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, incumbents Pat Cotham, Trevor Fuller and Ella Scarborough secured spots on the November ballot. Cotham was the leading vote-getter in every north Mecklenburg precinct. There are three at-large seats on the board and Republican Jeremy Brasch is the other candidate.

In the Democratic primary for N.C. House District 98, Huntersville’s Christy Clark  received more than 90 percent of the votes cast to defeat Cornelius resident Braden Rosenlieb. Clark will face incumbent Republican John Bradford in November.

In the U.S. House District 12 primaries, incumbent Alma Adams easily won the Democratic primary over three challengers and Paul Wright won the three-candidate Republican primary.

Mecklenburg Primary Results

Sheriff Democratic primary

Garry McFadden    29,840

Antoine Ensley      15,712

Irwin Carmichael   11,648

District Attorney Democratic primary

Spencer Merriweather    43,004

Toussaint Romain          12,246

Board of Commissioners Democratic primary

(top 3 advance to November)

Pat Cotham                       37,868

Trevor Fuller                     33,889

Ella Scarborough               32,923

Ray McKinnon                   20,923

Jamie Hildreth                   10,987

Gerenda Davis                   9,610

Tigress Sydney Acute McDaniel  4,626

N.C. House District 98 Democratic primary

Christy Clark                  3,258

Branden Rosenlieb             264

U.S. House District 12 Democratic primary

Alma Adams                38,719

Keith Young                   2,538

Patrick Register              2,066

Gabe Ortiz                     1,952

U.S. House District 12 Republican primary

Paul Wright          3,211

Paul Bonham        2,344

Cal Persson          1,880


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