Marty Foil Hinds' Feet

Marty Foil, executive director of Hinds' Feet Farm.

“He was so frail, but he was a hero.” 

– Marty Foil talking about his little brother Philip, who was injured in a 1984 car accident and was the motivation behind family efforts to open and operate Hinds’ Feet Farm.


“It just feeds your soul.”

– Administrative Assistant Cat Fulbright describing how it feels to be involved at Hinds’ Feet Farm.


“We’ve got a solid core of people who now live all over the place but always make it back for Barnstock.” 

– Miles Brown, one of the founders of the annual benefit music festival, referencing the solid foundation of supporters Barnstock has had since it began as a school service project 10 years ago. Brown now lives in Colorado but, along with his siblings Daniel and Julia, is still actively engaged in organizing the event.


“There will be parts of the summer that the whole area will look something like a war zone.”

– Davidson Elementary School Principal Dana Jarrett, speaking in early June, about the convergence of projects – waterline installation, new school construction and creek restoration – now happening along South Street.


“I’m not Southern, so wallering is a new word for me, but that’s what he does.”

– Mackenzie Babij, describing Bud the rescue dog who recently had a leg amputated and found his forever home.


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