HUNTERSVILLE – When I mention that I’m in a tech theatre class, people never know what that means. Hopewell High School gets great recognition for its theatre program, known as the “Hopewell Headliners,” but the productions couldn’t go on without the techies who build the sets.

In the tech theatre class at Hopewell, we build the sets for the plays and musicals, and deal with all of the stage management before, during and after a play. Going into this class, I didn’t know how to use a drill, couldn’t tell the difference between a nail and screw, or have an idea what a platform looked like. Now, I can truthfully say I know how to use and differentiate among tools.

The teacher of the class, Lillian Allemond, works very hard during and after school hours to teach the class and help put together great performances. She teaches two tech theatre classes, one with 10 students and another with around 15.

This year, the class has been involved in making sets for two big Hopewell productions – the winter play “Christmas Belles” and the current project, the spring musical “Bring it on.”

And we don’t only do Hopewell sets. We have also helped out other schools that have used Hopewell’s stage. We worked very hard on Bradley Middle School’s “James and the Giant Peach” set, and also helped out on Long Creek Elementary’s “High School Musical” set.

The class is a great way to get involved with an extracurricular activity while also compiling some required volunteer service hours. It has been a good learning experience for me and some of my classmates.

“I always look forward to this class,” fellow tech theatre student Amanda Stermon said, “because it’s a way to learn lifelong skills while also having fun with my friends and expressing my creativity.”

Taking this class has provided me with an introduction to skills I can use in the future, and I’ve had so much fun in the process. It’s always rewarding to see the final production knowing you and your classmates worked very hard to make the set look perfect.

– Anna Cainey is a senior at Hopewell. She prepared this as part of her senior project focused on journalism.


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