Latta Plantation cards British troops

Redcoats and Revelry will offer a deception of a tavern occupied by British troops in the 1780s.

1. Latta Plantation is reenacting a 1780s tavern

For Latta Plantation’s first-ever “Occupied! Redcoats and Revelry” event, historic Alexander Cabin will be transformed Saturday, June 29, into a tavern occupied by British troops during the Southern Campaign, specifically the Scottish 71st Regiment of Foot. At the oldest cabin in Mecklenburg County, patrons can drink beer from Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, play period games and interact with the king’s soldiers from 7-10 p.m.

2. This is the creation of the Latta board

Kendall Kendrick, the vice-chair of Latta Plantation’s board of directors, is a member of the Scottish 71st Highlanders, a group of reenactors with members from throughout the Southeast, including South Carolina and Georgia. The group promotes the history of the Scottish highlander loyalists and highlanders who came from Scotland and fought in the Revolutionary War for the British. Roughly 10 members of the regiment will welcome guests on Saturday, though Kendrick will be portraying the wife of the local “tavern owner.”

3. It gives the British perspective

Redcoats and Revelry represents the 16-day period in 1780 when General Charles Cornwallis occupied Charlotte. British Troops based in the city would venture into the outer parts of the region. There, the troops came across local militia providing a resistance resulting in dozens of British deaths and the Cornwallis quote, “This place is a damned hornet’s nest.” Despite the city’s adoption of the Hornet’s Nest moniker, Kendrick said it’s important to give the British side of the story.

4. A TV show provides inspiration

Kendrick said the event will be like a mystery dinner theater, and was inspired by the first episode of the AMC show “Turn.” The British have infiltrated a candle-lit tavern, and a married couple owns it but they know the British are in charge. “Part of the inspiration was that scene because I thought it was a good representation of the idea of British in a tavern,” Kendrick said. “It’s this after-hours experience you don’t often get at Latta.”

5. This is part of a larger celebration

Redcoats and revelry is the first of several events planned leading up to the 240th anniversary of The Battle of Charlotte in 2020. On Labor Day weekend, Latta will host a Revolutionary War event, and several sites in Charlotte will have more events next year. Tickets are $27 per person (must be 21 or older), include beer and snacks, and must be purchased in advance. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 704-875-2312 or visit


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