1. It features local and national artists

The third annual Lake Norman Festival of the Arts will have 100 national and local artists displaying their works at Birkdale Village in a show encompassing fine jewelry, works of art and hand-crafted apparel and decor. The festival also includes a full craft market with handmade organic soaps, live plants, edibles, practical artisan-created works and more.

2. Visitors can meet the artists

Unlike other exclusive art showcases, the Lake Norman Festival of the Arts invites patrons to meet the artists, commission a custom piece, and discover the inspirations and processes behind each handmade work. All artists are on-site for the duration of the festival. Pets on leashes are also welcome.

3. A Mooresville resident is featured

Pat Clouthier, a Mooresville mixed-media artist, is making her festival debut, bringing her "Blyng Boxes," which are a combination of handmade ceramic tiles, vintage jewelry, glass and metal beads. Another North Carolinian, Nat Favors of Bakersville, uses locally sourced woods and natural oils to hand-carve wooden sculptures.

4. The event is by Howard Alan Events

Florida-based Howard Alan Events produces the nation's top juried art and craft shows. The company was ranked among the Top 100 art fairs in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine and has overseen art festivals in cities such as Aspen, Colo.; Sarasota, Fla.; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and 40 other U.S. locations.


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