Bryton apartments

Values of commercial properties, such as these Bryton apartments, are expected to increase at a higher rate than residential ones for the 2018 revaluation.

1. The county is sending notices of assessed value

State law requires the county to conduct a property revaluation at least every eight years to determine its market value. The countywide revaluation effective date was Jan. 1. Property owners in Mecklenburg County will be receiving a Notice of 2019 Real Estate Assessed Value in their mailbox in late January. Property value can also be found online beginning in the same time period.

2. The process determines taxable value

Revaluation is a process in which all property within a taxing jurisdiction (in this case, Mecklenburg County) is revalued to its current market value by a certain date. Tax rates have no impact on the valuation process. All property (commercial, land and houses) was visited and observed in 2018 by a county assessor to verify the accuracy of characteristics on record for the property, compare similar property sales and consider improvements or changes that have been made to the property.

3. The collected data can be accessed

Any of the information noted about properties will be entered into the county’s Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal System (CAMA). Property information will be made available to residents online through a tool called Modria. Residents can use the site to look up their property, update information and submit inquiries. County staff walks you through the tool step-by-step in a video at

4. Questions are welcomed from residents

Revaluation is a lengthy process, and lots of property owners have questions about what to expect. The revaluation will have different impacts from one neighborhood to the next (and even one property to the next). The Assessor’s Office has spent a lot of time visiting neighborhoods throughout the county to inform as many people as they can and answer questions. Residents can access the request form to have a staff member visit their office as well.

5. New tax bills come in the summer

Tax bills will be mailed in July. Once residents receive their new value, they can file an appeal if they believe the assessors significantly undervalued or overvalued the property. Appeals go through the Assessor’s Office within 30 days of the notice date, which can be done online, by mail, by phone or in person. The county refunded roughly $100 million in the 2011 revaluation. The formal appeals deadline is May 20. For more information, visit, and reach out to the Assessor’s Office for questions.


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