You can’t bring your pig to the Blue Parrot Grille, but you can bring your dog. In fact, the management encourages you to.

“Believe it or not we have had people who tried to bring their pet pig and people want to bring cats,” said Sabrina Morris, a server at the Blue Parrot, located at 169 Pinnacle Lane in Mooresville. “So we are dog-friendly. But only dogs are allowed.”

About 25 percent of the eatery’s customers bring their dogs with them to share in their dining experience, Morris said. The Blue Parrot’s menu even has items especially for their four-legged clientele: a chicken bowl and a burger bowl, both of which are $3.

The Blue Parrot has a tiki bar dining motif so all of its seating is essentially outside and is one of many area dining establishments to allow dogs.

Another is Matt’s Chicago Dog, which has been at its location at 19732 One Norman Drive in Cornelius for 15 years. That’s almost the amount of time a certain black lab has both been alive and been a regular visitor at the restaurant.

“When he first started coming here with his owner he was just a tiny puppy,” said Mia Vasquez, who has been employed at Matt’s for most of that time. “Now he looks like a little old man. He has a grey beard and everything. Whenever he comes in, someone will bring him some water.”

But the lab is rarely alone among his furry kind when he comes to Matt’s.

“We have a lot of people who bring their dogs, and we also have a lot of regular customers,” Vasquez said. “In fact, there are people, some with dogs and some without them who come so often that if we don’t see them for awhile we start to get worried.”

There is one family with a grandmother, grandfather, grandson and a dog, she said.

“But we see dogs of all sizes here,” she said. “And we love them all.”

The Fox & Hound Sports Tavern, at 8711 Lindholm Drive, is one of the restaurants in Huntersville that allows dogs.

Jeff Rouse is the Fox and Hound’s service manager, and he said dogs are a regular sight in the eatery’s outdoor area.

“I think the most I counted at one time was 10 or 11,” Rouse said. “But there is almost always at least one of them out there, and we’re always glad to see them.”

Rouse said while the Fox & Hound is best known for its burgers and beer, it has “large variety” of menu items.

“There’s something here for everyone,” Rouse said and added that he was not just including human beings in that. He said that every once in awhile, a diner will order something for his or her canine friend.

“It’s usually a plain burger,” Rouse said. “And we’re glad to serve them.”


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