Elaine McArn (right) talks with a customer at The Needlecraft Center in Davidson.

DAVIDSON – Elaine McArn, the owner of The Needlecraft Center at 102 S. Main St., has chosen to close the business after 47 years around the end of the year.

The business was operated under different ownership a couple of years before she took over, and it has been in various locations up and down Main St. before moving into its current location where it has been the last several years.

McArn expects the store will close sometime around either the end of this year or beginning of next year but hasn’t chosen an exact date, she said.

“I’ve never done this before so I don’t know how long it would take,” McArn said when discussing her plans.

She’s had fun operating the business for so many years but just felt it was time for it to close. The store currently offers knitting and crocheting supplies and needlepoints but in the past has offered other sewing related items such as cross stitch supplies and embroideries.

“I’ve tried to change with the times, with what people wanted to do within a certain parameter of needlework,” McArn said.

She didn’t try to focus on really trendy things but instead worked to change the store’s offerings depending on what the customers were looking for, McArn said.

Laurie Knight has worked at The Needlecraft Center the last 15 years.

Knight said she has helped sell items, teachclasses and do other things for the store over the years and is sad to learn the store is closing.

“It’s kind of like losing your best friend,” Knight said.

She looks forward to coming to work and being able to see and socialize with the store’s different customers and other staff. She will also miss working for McArn when the store does close, Knight said.

“I never had a boss that has treated me as well as she has,” Knight said.

In preparation for the store’s closing, some items have begun being marked down, McArn said.

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