Peeved: Residents share what bugs them

Why does the Police Department completely ignore automobiles parked in the Handicap spaces, with NO handicap placards.  During Christmas shopping I saw disabled people looking for a parking space close to the store, but none available, so they had to walk a good distance, while able-bodied, selfish persons were in the Handicap spaces.  On top of that, I saw Police cars cruising the parking lot.  Not to ticket these people, but evidently looking for criminals?  Why not take down the Handicap Parking signs, since the department evidently does not want nor need the $250 fine.

Why people think it is ok to seat down  by yourself on a table of 4, on a restaurant put your feet up and work on your laptop and text on the smartphone for more than 2 hours on a lunch time busy place??? Where are the manager of this store? I get my order and no place to seat... I could counted about 8 tables with working people and not even eating there!!!! Shame on both, people and management!!!

Can we have recycling picked up every week and change trash pickup to every other week? Let’s encourage recycling! Is this change much harder to negotiate and more costly than it should be?? ο

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