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Happy thoughts from residents

For the individual who wrote "Tell the guy in the Funeral Home ad not to look so happy"

This wonderful Funeral Director with his winning smile and warm heart  helped us bury our mother and father.  He was there for us any time of the day we needed him.  That is why he and his staff have been honored by receiving the National Funeral Director's Association "Pursuit of Excellence" Award.  His smile says it all.


Residents share what bugs them

abbused Girls gymnastic Team- I wonder where had been their parents or who was responsible for those girls to be training day after day and for so many years of abuse, no one...no adult who should be accompanied those little girls did never notice any problem??? so many girls??? so many years??? we all need to pay attention to our kids. Not just drop them off on facilities and pick them up latter. Pay attention.... this is a big heads up for parents today!

Teach kids: how to think, not what to think.  When they mess up, ask them "Did you learn anything?" I think you will find it more effective then being dressed down and humiliated.  It also prevents you from saying things you will later regret,and them as well.


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