A 6 year old with his first concussion is NOTHING to brag about! We have documented evidence of the negative effects concussions have on the brain and even more so for children. One concussion is one too many. Ditch the accolades and stop being in denial about contact sports and brain injuries or, prepare yourselves to deal with the consequences down the road.


A safety tip for the school children this year and in coming years - for those that ride the bus as well as those that have parents drop them off or those that walk.  Despite the fact that vehicles are supposed to stop for stopped school buses and should also for kids being dropped off, there are those that do not heed those rules.  It would certainly be a GOOD IDEA for children, BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET, to STOP AND  LOOK BOTH WAYS!! I have seen too many children no longer do that and just fly on across the road.  It would certainly possibly help a child from  getting hit if they look. Seems as if it just assumed on the part of everyone, esepcially parents now days and the children, that people will stop.  See that in the parking lots, too.

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