Torrence Creek

The Quarter Notes from Torrence Creek Elementary School perform the national anthem at the UNC-Charlotte Men’s basketball game on Saturday, Feb. 25.


HUNTERSVILLE – The Quarter Notes, Torrence Creek Elementary School’s fourth- and fifth-grade choir, is one of 14 groups from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) chosen to perform at the Belk Theater on March 20.

The uptown Charlotte theater will be hosting “A Musical Showcase,” beginning at 7 p.m., which will feature the Quarter Notes and other CMS schools performing and competing with each other.

Judges will be in the audience during the event, and three overall winners will be selected.

Kevin Brawley, a music teacher at Torrence Creek, continues to work hard to prepare the Quarter Notes for the competition.

“It’s a fourth- and fifth-grade group, non-audition. Anyone who wants to join can join. I welcome anybody to come and sing,” Brawley said.

He became a teacher at Torrence Creek about four years ago, when the school had a choral group, but auditions were required for it, which he chose to change.

“I teach kids, and I am not in the business of telling a 10-year-old that they’re not good enough to do anything. So the day I was hired I said, ‘I’m getting rid of that and I’m going to have an open choir where anyone can join,’” Brawley said.

He now has about 80 kids in the group and looks forward to them soon performing at the Belk Theater. Every year he works with the students on a traditional choral piece, a piece sung in a foreign language and a version of a well-known popular song, some of which the group is working on for the Belk Theater performance.

In order to have been selected for the performance, he had to record the group singing and submit it into the competition. They were later selected as one of 14 schools to perform.

The group also performed on Saturday, Feb. 25 at the UNC-Charlotte basketball game with the singing of the national anthem, Brawley said.

“I am extremely proud of this group of students and also Mr. Brawley and what he was able to bring out in the students,” said Leah Davis, principal of Torrence Creek.

She likes his philosophy of allowing any interested fourth- or fifth-grade student into the choir. She estimated that more than 50 percent of the school’s fourth- and fifth-grade students are currently members of the Quarter Notes.

Davis also said she looks forward the the group’s March 20 performance and for the students to get the chance to show off their talents.

“I think it’s a wonderful honor for them to have the opportunity to go there,” she said.

Along with the Quarter Notes, the Howlin’ Huskies from Hough High School were also selected to participate in the competition, which features choirs, bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles from CMS schools.

Tickets for the event range from $10-$30, not including taxes and fees.

For more information about the March 20 event visit the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center website at or call 704-372-1000.


Schools and groups chosen for “A Musical Showcase” at Belk Theater:

• Alexander Graham Middle School: Campana

• Ardrey Kell High School: Wind Ensemble

• Community House Middle School: Eighth Grade Band

• David W. Butler High School: Jazz Ensemble

• East Mecklenburg High School & Northwest School of the Arts: Women’s Chamber Choir

• McClintock Middle School: Eighth Grade Advanced Chorus

• Providence High School: Chamber Winds

• South Mecklenburg High School: Chamber Orchestra

• Southwest Middle School: String Orchestra

• Torrence Creek Elementary School: Choir

• Waddell Language Academy: Chorus Club

• West Charlotte High School: Chorale Ensemble

• William A. Hough High School: Howlin’ Huskies

• Windsor Park Elementary: Windsor Park Orchestra




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