Stephens Road pump station

The wastewater pump station was damaged following the flooding of Mountain Island Lake June 9, causing 130,000 gallons of untreated water to spill.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is urging residents to use caution when using Mountain Island Lake following the flooding of a wastewater pump station earlier this week.

“This is not a no-swim advisory,” the department’s Rusty Rozzelle said.

An estimated 130,000 gallons of untreated water was spilled Sunday night and Monday, based on the average that is processed daily at the site at the end of Stephens Road in Huntersville.

The Mountain Island Lake level crested at 106.9 feet early Monday morning – about 7 feet above capacity – following the 11 inches of rainfall upstream in Catawba County during the days prior to the flooding.

Charlotte Water spokesperson Cam Coley said the Stephens site, which sits almost 4-tenths of a mile from the waterway, was the only pump station damaged in the county serving either Mountain Island or Lake Norman.

As of Thursday, the waters were below full-pond level, and all the damaged equipment was removed and replaced. 

SWS performed testing for dangerous bacteria, including E. coli, Friday, and Rozzelle said the results will be released in the coming days.

Rozzelle said if people choose to swim in Mountain Island, they should do so “with caution” and to bathe with soap and water after being in the water. He added boaters should be on alert for debris that could hamper navigation.


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