Lowesville cafew

A breakfast plate at Lowesville cafe.

LOWESVILLE – The Lowesville Cafe, a beloved casual diner, is making some big changes in the near future.

The space already enjoys near cult status as a place to meet and greet local friends and sit down to a hearty home-cooked meal. But owners Spero and Quenna Moutselos are still striving to create an even better version of the bucolic cafe.

“It’s always been all about the customer,” said Quenna Moutselos. “Any money we make, we put right back into the restaurant.”

The Moutselos bought the cafe in January 2013 and made it their own with country, vintage touches that clearly communicate the lineage of the owners and their relationship with mountains. Quenna grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and her husband in the peaks of Greece. The feeling of close family ties and homespun atmosphere is totally organic, a natural emanation from the owners themselves.

Lowesville has been run as a breakfast and lunch place, but has plans to open three nights a week for dinner.

“We hope to be running dinner by September,” said Quenna. “People love that we have such a family atmosphere with no liquor, and we hope to carry that over to evenings.”

The menu will have many of the lunch favorites while adding entree dishes such as spaghetti, beef brisket and a Friday fish fry. They will also be adding more indoor seating, which will help accommodate more customers during the busy times of the week. There also will be outdoor seating.

The true secret to the cafe’s success is the triad strategy of large portions, delicious food and a low price point. Omelets fill the entire plate, three large biscuits come smothered in gravy, sandwiches are stacked high and side items look like entrees.

“It’s our pleasure to feed our customers,” said Quenna. “We never want anyone to leave here hungry.”

That’s why the cafe has created a thriving business with lots of locals and folks who drive many miles to dine.

The menu is brimming with homemade items including all the dressings, cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, potato salad, tuna salad, chicken salad and coleslaw. They also make their own marinades for meat and hand bread all the fish. The fried chicken is also hand-breaded, now on the menu every day and should not be missed. It is perfectly crispy, juicy and delicious. “Customers just can’t get enough of our fried chicken,” said Quenna. “They know how fresh it is and so we had to start serving it every day.”

The banana pudding is also made in-house with a creamy texture and sweet taste, and there is a daily fruit cobbler. There is not a lot of cooler space at the restaurant, so many items simply have to be made in-house.

The cafe is also enjoying a bustling catering business. They have done corporate dining with Duke Power along with weddings and other parties. But patrons can also get food for smaller events. There is a specific catering menu, and customers can call for further details.

The owners are known to go above and beyond, especially for their senior customers.

“We have been known to deliver food to some of our older customers when they couldn’t leave the house,” said Quenna. “We are just used to goodhearted people.”

The Moutselos family is also excellent about giving back to the community. They support local schools and donate food to Room at the Inn through New Covenant United Methodist Church.

The cafe is all about family, food and friendly faces.

“We feed people and love to see a smile on their face,” said Quenna. “We want you to leave here and have a brighter day.”


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