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Charlotte Water is replacing the wastewater pipe along Paw Creek in Robert L. Smith Park, which has closed the disc golf course.

CHARLOTTE – A Charlotte Water construction project at Robert L. Smith District Park has led the closure of one of its amenities.

As of April 14, the disc golf course in the back of RL Smith is temporarily closed to make way for installation of a wastewater pipe to serve customers in the Paw Creek area, where the city’s utility department saw a capacity concern.

“We’re closing in on what that pipe could serve,” said Cam Coley, a spokesperson for Charlotte Water. “One of the drivers is to be ahead of the curve.”

RL Smith Charlotte Water

The pipe replacement project will start at the western end and gradually move toward Little Rock Road.

The construction along the creek started just east of Interstate 485 and will gradually progress to just beyond Little Rock Road, near the park entrance. The estimated completion date for the $4.5 million project is May 2020.

Neighbors have been alerted of small blasting to remove rock formations in the corridor. The blasting is a standard construction procedure and Charlotte Water said all safety precautions will be taken. Residents may hear a warning horn and feel a slight vibration or rumble similar to a slammed door or thunder.

Though part of the park’s property, the disc golf course is maintained by the Charlotte Disc Golf Club. The next closest public courses are Hornets Nest Park on Beatties Ford Road and Renaissance Park on Tyvola Road.

Since several of the metal-basket “holes” will be in the construction zone, Charlotte Water will be compensating the club for a reinstallation and redesign of the course – a gesture CDGC Director of Operations Mark Huether said was uncommon.

“It’s not enough to cover everything, but it’s more than we normally get,” Huether said, noting one of the baskets was stolen prior to the club removing them. “Generally, we’ve had to roll with whatever changes there were on our own dime, using our own time. Now we’re able to pay contractors.”

Due to the topography of the course, some parts haven’t been easily accessible to perform routine maintenance like cutting grass or removing debris.

“Sometimes, we can’t get to things easily,” Huether said. “The changes should allow mowers to get down there.”

RL Smith, at 1604 Little Rock Road, still offers a playground, half-mile walking path and its soccer fields, which also gets use from pee wee football and cricket teams.


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